Below you'll find all of the work that I've done relating to Web Development and Design. All titles are clickable links to see the projects live.

DEX User Login and Registration System

The DEX System, developed using PHP and SQL databases, was developed by me as a baseline registration and login system for any future projects. The system consists of MD5 hashed passwords, verification checks for in use emails, usernames, and fake emails, and a sitewide user session to allow user only areas and content.

Computer Graphics Technology Community

The Computer Graphics Technology (CGT) Community website, developed using PHP and SQL, was developed to bring alumni from the Purdue CGT department closer to current students and showcase companies alumni have gone to work for and content they have produced. The website was also created to inform incoming freshman in the CGT department about the types of programs they would be using and what their plan of study might look like. CGT Community also goes in depth with information on current professors and other faculty in the department.

My Personal Portfolio Website

This website that you are currently on was created and developed by me using HTML and CSS. I added this because my website is my personal testing ground for anything interesting or new that I would like to try out in terms of web development. Here, I can express my true design style and show others the type of content I excel in.

Adobe Creative Cloud Reel

Here is a compilation of work done in Photoshop, After Effects, and Illustrator: programs that mesh well with web development.