Who is Alex Riley?

That cool guy on the left is. Hi, I'm Alex and I'm currently a student at Purdue University studying Web Programming and Design under the Computer Graphics Technology department. I have had a passion for websites ever since I could use a computer. I was in awe of what they could accomplish and the large userbases some could attain. Over the course of many years, I have worked on small coding projects and have taken inspiration from other websites to develop my favorite style of web design: simplicity. I live by the phrase, "Less is More". I express this by developing simplistic logos and website designs that leave a lasting impression on you, without the flashy graphics or intricate design.

Now that my professional spiel is over, here's a little bit about my personal life. I am nineteen years old and plan on turning twenty at some point. Aside from web design, I like to spend my free time building computers, playing RTS style video games, and studying history. To put myself into perspective, I'm the guy that Grandma calls when her printer isn't working.

All jokes aside, thank you for taking the time to visit my page. In the above menu, you'll be able to look at work that I've done and my professional resume. Thanks!